The Lunch Lady has a Holiday Menu

Coming "This December"
The Lunch Lady fabulous Holiday Lunch...
We hope you are as excited about this as we are...
Don't miss out we are starting to book these now...

Those specials will start Dec.11th, and end on the 22nd.
It is a same day event, that means, this menu will be running along with the regular menu on the same days we serve the school for 2 weeks.

Hope the kids will enjoy it:)
Happy Holidays to you, and all of your families!

ORDER NOW on and click through to the login screen.

Pizza day

Every Wednesday is Pizza Day.

The pizza is provided by Pizza Pizza. We are offering cheese and pepperoni at $2.50 per slice. The pizza meets the nutritional guidelines set by the Ministry of Education. It is distributed by parent volunteers to the children during the second nutrition break.