Attached, please find summer language learning opportunities for students in grades JK – 8. The reality of this program is that the majority of students who register in these camps are in grades JK – 5.

You will see two types of programs, language classes and language camps. As a matter of clarification, here you go:

1. Language classes – the same as our Saturday school language learning with 2.5 hours of instruction each day. There is a very small $10 registration fee for these courses.

2. Language camps (French, Spanish) – these are very reasonably priced fee for service programs for students done in a true camp atmosphere. Fees are charged on a weekly basis and offset costs for activities such as arts and crafts materials, guest presenters (Little Ray’s Reptiles for example), and celebrations at the end of each week. The language component is integrated into all activities.

Before and after childcare is available at an additional charge as outlined.

May I please request that you promote these learning opportunities within your schools and school communities including on social media? Please feel free to share with your school council chair’s as well.


International Languages Poster

International Languages Summer 2018 Program

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